Brown Gaines, LLC is the high value legal services solution for a dynamic and expanding business. Brown Gaines, LLC provides professional and skilled legal representation to government contractors, private sector service providers, entrepreneurs and employers in the Washington metropolitan community and beyond. Brown Gaines, LLC will shepherd our clients through the complex maze of federal, state and local procurement processes. Brown Gaines, LLC will assist clients in managing their workforce against the background of an ever-changing, ever-evolving legal landscape. Brown Gaines, LLC will partner with your business in strategic planning and work tirelessly to avoid and resolve legal impediments to achieving your business’ goals. Brown Gaines, LLC will return your call or respond to your email within 24 hours.

If your business requires assistance with forming, administering, modifying or terminating contracts of any type, including federal government contracts governed by the FAR or DFARS, consider Brown Gaines, LLC. If your business requires assistance with managing its workforce or general corporate governance, consider Brown Gaines, LLC. If your business has been sued or needs an administrative body or court of law to protect its rights or legal position, consider Brown Gaines, LLC.